Montag, 8. Juli 2013

FUMP - In TestBed with Naxsi is a Naxsi-Testbed with a handfull of vulnerable Test-apps  (see list & Links below)

Beside Naxsi-CoreRules you'll also find Doxi-Rules applied


If you manage to break in and access any information you shouldnt, please contact us via; if you dont reject it, you'll will be credited on the Credits-Section. If your finding leads to an improvement of naxsi you'll be given a tshirt (please allow 2 weeks shipping, if you're outside of europe) (First reporter only)



Please note, reports are statically generated every 15 minutes


  • Naxsi vs OWASP-Scan: 5:0

Contact & Links

  • Naxsi:
  • Doxi:

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